New inventory added! 

Consultants with Paparazzi accessories do not offer catalogs since new inventory items are usually added each Monday through Friday. The website consultants have are free to the consultants and great for customers. I have some out of state friends and family members who love to shop online with me. 


Welcome to my blog 

My inventory changes often since home office usually adds new inventory daily! This is why we do not carry catalogs; it would be impossible to keep up with. Consultants save quite a bit of money not having to purchase catalogs or samples versus if they were sharing and promoting for other companies. 

    As a paparazzi consultant you earn 45% commission on all online and offline sales. You can sell at vendor shows, in salons or boutiques,online only or just on Facebook. We train you to promote at many places. The opportunities and resources available are endless! The accessories are only $5 each;as well as nickel and lead free. Learn more here 

Why I choose to be a work at home mom 

I love being able to watch my little one grow 

I love not having to pay thousands of dollars a year in childcare costs 

I save a lot of money not having to fill my gas tank as much, buy coffees on the drive to a job, buying work uniforms 

I get tax write offs for mostly everything for my business